Wedding Dresses

  1. Your Ultimate Looks Guide For This Wedding Season

    Wedding season in Pakistan is a big deal. The reason is that they are “the” time of celebration in our country. It is the time when the whole family, even extended family get together to celebrate the start of a new chapter in the life of their loved ones. 

    This is why this time is often reflected as the time to go berserk and fulfill all of your fashion dreams. This is not the time to be modest or to keep things simple instead this time is used to display the bright colors of our fashion industry as well as the exquisite designs we possess.

    And do we know how to go all out for them? So when the expectation for a certain season is high, meeting or keeping the said standards can sometimes become exhausting.

    This is why to help you navigate this wedding season like the fashionista you are. Al Karim Fabrics bri

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  2. 7 Collections To Lookout For The Perfect Looks for Wedding Season

    Wedding season holds great importance in our culture. Because this is the festive season we all truly like to celebrate. And they are only celebrated to their full extent when we finalize our looks for wedding season. As looks for the season play a major role in celebrating them to their full potential.

    Now you may be wondering what are the means and modes through which we can achieve these looks for the wedding season. But rest assured that we have you covered on this front as well. As we will not only guide you regarding how you can achieve them. But will even go into the details regarding the collection you should be on the lookout for to achieve these looks,

    The Pakistani fashion industry is amazing because usually, countries have 2 or at max 3 brands. That can be considered world-class whereas we have over 10s if not for the hundreds of brands. That can

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