Wedding season in Pakistan is a big deal. The reason is that they are “the” time of celebration in our country. It is the time when the whole family, even extended family get together to celebrate the start of a new chapter in the life of their loved ones. 

This is why this time is often reflected as the time to go berserk and fulfill all of your fashion dreams. This is not the time to be modest or to keep things simple instead this time is used to display the bright colors of our fashion industry as well as the exquisite designs we possess.

And do we know how to go all out for them? So when the expectation for a certain season is high, meeting or keeping the said standards can sometimes become exhausting.

This is why to help you navigate this wedding season like the fashionista you are. Al Karim Fabrics brings you your one and only complete looks guide you need to ace this season. In this guide not only have we mentioned the top five tips we have to make you look like a goddess. But we have also mentioned the reasons why you need them and the benefits you stand to gain from them.

Our Looks Guide Top 5 Tips For This Wedding Season

So without further ado let us jump straight into the top five of our looks guide tips we have for you. That will not only help you achieve your next perfect look but will also make you stand out.

  • Remember To Keep It Traditional

Regardless of how for the time being a western look can get popular but if you want your wedding season look to be a classic for all ages then trust us when we tell you that you need a traditional look. Traditional looks are timeless and are a success even if you wish to revisit these memories decades down the road.

This is why our looks guide is one of the most important tips for you is to ensure that you don’t get shortsighted with a western look. And must always ensure an eastern look as the Pakistani fashion industry has an abundance of brands like Zainab Chottani and Maria B to give you the perfect look.

  • Accessories Are As Important As Your Dress

The second most important tip according to our looks guide is that if you are searching for your perfect look this wedding season. Then the accessories that are accompanying you are as important for the completion of your look as your exquisitely designed designer dress.

From pieces of jewelry, makeup to even footwear all play an equally important role in ensuring that you get the complete look you are going after. Because if you only worry about the dress and miss out on other details then the final result isn’t satisfactory regardless of how good the dress might be.

  • Dress For Yourself Not For Society

Dressing for yourself, not for society might be the single most important looks guide tip we provide you. Because it may look simple at first glance. But way too many wedding season events have been ruined when girls succumb to the pressure of societal judgment. And end up wearing something they are not comfortable in just so they can please society.

So please remember to dress the way you want, the way you feel comfortable, and more importantly beautiful. Because after all it is your day and you will remember it for longer than anyone else. And let’s be honest regardless of what you wear people are going to find faults in them so why not go for something that gives you pleasure in the first place.

  • Shoes Are Where Your Perfect Look Is Completed

One of the most neglected components of completing your sublime wedding season look is the choice of the correct footwear. Because unlike west we have a variety of footwear that is simply unmatched. And a large chunk of them is designed to go with a very specific look.

This is why if you want to be a class apart then you need to pay special attention to the footwear of your complete look and not neglect it. Because they are more integral to the whole look then you realize. So follow this tip as a must out of all of our looks guide tips to secure the look for you.

  • Looks Guide Most Important Tip: Comfort Over Fad

Our last tip is without even a shadow of a doubt our most important tip that is; you should always choose comfort over the recent fashion fad when you are choosing your look for the wedding season. Because like the name suggests fad will be over whereas the memories of the look are immortal. So choose something you want to remember by then choosing something in trend for that specific time.

Reasons Look Guide Is Important For You

Now that we have explained our tips for our looks guide, what we like to focus on now are the reasons you should implement them to find your look for this wedding season. And according to us the following are them:

  • They Help You Achieve Your Perfect Look
  • Make You Look A Class Apart
  • Keep You, Trendy


We all know wedding season in Pakistan is the season of celebration, this is why they are such a big deal and to give you the best look for you we have highlighted our looks guide along with their complete detail.

Which tip out of all did you find to be most helpful? Let us know in the comments section. We are looking forward to hearing from you.