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Al Karim brings to you women's wear by Marjjan. Marjjan by Zohaib Arts is one of the leading women's clothing brands in Pakistan, so it’s only natural for Al Karim to join forces with the best brands to offer you the best shopping experience! Not only do all of Marjjan’s fabrics guarantee only the best quality, but Marjjan Printed and Embroidered Lawns are also pretty and fun to style.

Fine Stitching

Whether it’s everyday pret or Dyed Wool Sequence Embroidery Collection By Marjjan, all pieces are carefully made and checked for inconsistencies by a team of professionals to ensure all seams and hems are properly stitched, and there’s minimal chance of fault. The Leather Peach Collection by Marjjan is tailor-made to fit the current trends, so you look stylish effortlessly.

Imaginative Design And Detailing

Who doesn’t like a little extra oomph to their clothing? If you’re the kind of person who uses clothing as a form of expression and enjoys dressing up in clothes that not only make you look good but feel good, too, Embroidered Dhanak Collection by Marjjan is the perfect collection for you! It incorporates everything you need regarding clothes, great fabric, unique design, and a decent price tag!

Feel like you already own all the mainstream designs the clothing industry has to offer? Try Marjjan Dyed Self Wool Collection. The prints are unlike any other. Not only the prints but the designs are also the kind that you won’t see everywhere else. With cut work borders and fully designed sleeves, it’s up to you to decide the kind of clothes you’d like to opt for!

Durable And High-Quality Fabric

A major perk of shopping for Marjjan at Al Karim is the peace of mind, knowing that you will receive only the best quality fabric that will last your money’s worth!

High-quality fabrics are an investment on their own and are sustainable for the environment. Marjjan cares for you, and it’s corporate responsibility. So the next time you shop Marjjan Unstitched winter collection, know that you’re shopping with a conscious, responsible, and high-end brand with a reasonable pricing structure.

To get your hands on the Latest collections by Marjjan, check out Al Karim for all your branded clothing needs! Al Karim offers a wide range of brands to choose from when shopping, so don’t miss out on great brands and amazing deals. Al Karim also has a wide range of other fashion brands to choose from when it comes to luxury wear or day-to-day women's wear. Al Karim has something for everyone, so head on over to the store now!

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