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Mausummery 2022 Collection brings you the collection you have been waiting for. Look your best by wearing the best and be a class apart. Place your order today!


Mausummery online store was founded in the year 1997 and designed and manufactured lawn (lightweight cotton) clothing in Lahore, Pakistan. Koh E Noor by Mausummery wanted to focus on service excellence to differentiate between its brand and others and achieve customer satisfaction at its highest. Mausummery opened a number of its own stores in the hope of providing outstanding customer service.

High-quality fabric

Mausummery Luxury Lawn Collection is manufactured keeping in mind the needs of women, and women need the best quality fabrics for their money’s worth. These fabrics are only the best kind in the market to ensure comfort and elegance.

Whether it’s everyday wear or Mausummery Summer Collection, all articles of clothing are carefully created and checked properly for inconsistencies or defects. A team of professionals is employed to make sure all seams and hems are properly stitched, and there’s minimal chance of fault.

Mausummery Koh E Noor Embroidered SS Collection is tailor-made to fit the current fashion trends, so you look elegant and chic without any extra effort.

Unique designs

Who doesn’t like a little flare of fashion to their clothing? If you’re the kind of person that truly and thoroughly enjoys dressing up and unique and inspiring prints, Mausummery Luxury Lawn Collection is the perfect collection for you! It is amalgamated with everything you need when it comes to clothes, wonderfully sturdy fabric, unique design, and a customer-centric approach!

If you feel like your wardrobe has become a little monotonous with just polka dots and stripes, at Mausummery, the prints are unlike any other. Not only the prints but the designs are also the kind that you won’t see everywhere else. With cut work borders and fully designed sleeves, it’s up to you to decide the kind of clothes you’d like to opt for!

Perfect for all occasions

Mausummery’s collection at Al Karim consists of clothes that are perfect for any and all possible occasions.

Mausummery offers high-quality luxury clothing at a decent price tag. These trendy articles of clothing are perfect for all occasions, including but not limited to festivals like Eid or occasions like weddings. The quality makes it look more decent and elegant than ever so that you look good everywhere you go and leave only the best impressions.

Shopping for the Latest collections by Mausummery is easy with Al Karim. Al Karim brings you the best brands for the best prices. So place your order today to get your hands on the best clothes in Pakistan delivered to your doorstep!

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