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Nau Bahar

The brand Nau Bahar, which was established in 2019 by the two young, ambitious brothers Muhammad Zahid & Muhammad Tayyab, has advanced significantly in such a short period of time. Nau Bahar, which initially had only six workers, now has a plant and employs people all over the world.

By lowering the cost of clothing while keeping the highest standards of quality, Nau Bahar hoped to tear down the obstacles that have existed in the Pakistani fashion sector. Since then, they have repeatedly demonstrated how popular and anticipated their ideology and their thoughts are. With one of the most cutting-edge approaches to brand conceptualization and management, Nau Bahar is currently a phenomenon.

Nau Bahar makes a lot of effort to differentiate its designs from season to season, which makes them stand out. The only brand in Pakistan to release new styles every week. Women of all ages are enamored by inventive color schemes, designs, and stitching styles.

Vibrant Designs

Who doesn't like a little extra liveliness to their clothing? If you're the person that uses clothing as a form of manifestation and takes joy in dressing up in clothes that not only make them look good but feel amazing too, Nau Bahar Aqsa & Khizra special edition is the perfect collection for you! It features everything you need when it comes to clothes, wonderful quality, unique design, and a decent price tag!

Feel like you already own all the mainstream designs the clothing industry has to offer? Try Nau Bahar Silk Kurti Collection. The prints are unlike any other. Not only the prints but the designs are also the kind that you won't see everywhere else. With cut work borders and fully designed sleeves, it's up to you to decide the kind of clothes you'd like to opt for! If you feel like it can't get better than this, know that we also offer the Nau Bahar Fancy Trouser Collection, which is a collection of the best, most trendy trousers in Pakistan!

Long Lasting And Durable

Shopping from the Nau Bahar Luxury Formal Collection at Al Karim offers you the security of knowing that you will only receive the highest-quality fabrics that will last you for the full value of your purchase.

High-quality textiles are an investment in themselves and are environmentally friendly. Nau Bahar is concerned for you out of a sense of duty to the company. Therefore, the next time you shop at Nau Bahar, be aware that you are supporting a high-end, conscious, and ethical brand with fair pricing.

To obtain the Latest collections by Nau Bahar, visit Al Karim for all of your branded clothing requirements. Don't pass up Al Karim's large selection of brands while you go shopping.

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