Our Business Practices - Original Brands Only

Al Karim fabrics are proud to be the best multi-brand store in all of Pakistan. The variety of brands we serve to our loyal customers is simply unrivalled. From legacy brands like Zainab Chotani, Sana Safinaz & Gul Ahmed to current hot favourites like ELAN to even independent quality Pakistani local brands. We've Got them all.

And because we want to assure that quality be the #1 factor delivered to our customers, Al Karim fabrics is ecstatic to state that we only partner with the best in the industry. This is why every brand you see in our store or our online website has been vetted through a rigorous quality testing process to ensure our clients only receive the best of the best Pakistani fashion brands.

Our Range of Original Brands:

With over 100s original brands, Al Karim Fabrics is the best clothing store in Pakistan without even a shadow of a doubt. As with us, you can find anything you have been looking for, from daily wear, wedding premium collection, to luxury formals because we are your ultimate one-stop shop for all of your fashion needs.

All of the Top-tier brands that you have heard about or personally love due to your personal experience with them. If you are looking for their latest collection at rates that even the brand itself cannot offer you, then always remember we are the place for you. As we offer you deals that no one else can match.

And not only can you find all of your favourite brands in the best value for money deals. But Al Karim Fabrics also ensures that you get the safest, secured, and quickest delivery delivered to you when you want and where you want when you order them online through our official website.

Our Specialties:

Al Karim Fabrics prides itself on delivering you a range of variety that no one else in the online or in the offline market can match. Ranging from seasonal brand collections of Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer to niche markets like Wedding season collection, Other Premium formal wear, to even daily wear.

We are the epitome of excellence when it comes to delivering you all of the collections you need to make your season a remarkable success. And the following are our specialty collection:

Seasonal Collection

The calendar year has four definitive seasons associated with it; we know that you want to upgrade your look for every season accordingly, whether it's the new beginnings weather of Fall or the calm of Winter followed by progressive spring and wrapped by the fun and colourful summer.

Al Karim Fabrics understands that you need a definitive look for all these seasons, so they provide you with a time and season-specific collection from all of the influential Pakistani fashion brands to give you your signature look.

Premium couture Range

Got a big work meeting coming up? Is your graduation around the corner? or do you have a vital work trip? Feel free to visit any of the Al Karim Fabrics store or their website to access the perfect dress you need for your big day.

Wedding Collection Range

Traditional Weddings are done right when you have the correct collection for them. This is precisely what Al Karim provides you. So, check out our original brands' wedding collection and give yourself a perfect look.

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