Supreme Quality

At Al Karim Fabrics, we are renowned worldwide for providing our customers with a quality that cannot be matched by anyone else. Like the attention to detail we put forth in our quality assurance program is of the highest quality.

We set the industry standards whether it comes to ensuring the quality of stitching, fabrics quality, design, and even lasting ability. If they are anything short of excellence, they are not making it to either our store or our website.

And it is with these rigorous testing procedures, we have developed a relationship of trust with our customers. As they are every time assured of the quality they gain when they choose to do business with us, keeping this alive and robust is our utmost priority.

Our Quality Assurance

Al Karim prides itself on providing the finest quality available in the Pakistani fashion industry. This is why we have amassed the reputation of being the best multi-brand store in Pakistan. As we thoroughly believe that nothing creates loyalty and reliability faster than the delivery quality of the utmost standard.

Every single brand that you will find in either Al Karim Fabrics on-site stores or on their official website has been vetted through a stringent process to ensure that only the best of the best available in the market can be found at our premises.

Delivering quality products only and being associated with premium quality customer care is our #1 priority. We pride ourselves on ensuring that you experience an unforgettable experience with us every single time because we believe that a happy customer is loyal.

Our Partners

Over 100+ of Pakistan’s leading fashion brands have partnered with Al Karim Fabrics with the trust to deliver their official and original products to their customers. Such vast success is down to the simple business practice of ensuring excellence as our customers expect that from us, we expect the same from our partners resulting in a fruitful partnership and a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Our partners range from every small independent design brand proven its mettle in the industry to legacy-filled giants. From legacy brands like Zainab Chotani, Sana Safinaz & Gul Ahmed to current hot favourites like ELAN to even independent quality Pakistani local brands. We've Got them all.

Following are our brand partners whose 100% original collections you can find at prices cheaper than even their website:

Angan, AFROZEH, Al Nisa, Al Karam, Aalaya, Anaya, Asifa & Nabeel, Al Zohaib, Ayra, BinIlyas, BEECHTREE, Baroque, Bonanza Satrangi, Charizma, Crimson, Cross Stitch, Elan, Epoque, ESHAISHA, ESHAEMAN, Elaf, FIRDOUS, CHIKANKARI, Ellena, Esha Eshaal, Five Star, FESTIVE, Gul Ahmed, HZ, Ittehad, Florent, Iznik, Jahanara, KATAAN, Lakhany, Limelight, Marjjan, Maryam Hussain, Motis Fashion, Maria B, Noor Jahan, Muzlin, MIZAJ, Noor, Nuriyaa, Orient, Peridot, Parishay, Qalamkar, Roupas, Rang Raiz, Republic Women wear, Raj Bari, Rang Rasiya, Raabi, Rashid Textile, Raji, RIWAYAT, Seran, Sahar Art, Shiza Hassan, Sana Safinaz, Sanoor, Shazia Kiyani, So Kamal, SALITEX, Sitara Textile, Suffuse, WijDan, Tarzz, Tawakkal, Zaha, Zainab Chottani, Zara Ali, Zara Shahjahan, Zellbury, Z&S, Zimal Zahra and many more to be added according to seasons.

Why We Only Work with The Best

Al Karim fabrics are proud to be the best multi-brand store in all of Pakistan. The variety of brands we serve to our loyal customers is simply unrivalled. And because we want to assure that quality be the #1 factor delivered to our customers, Al Karim fabrics is ecstatic to state that we only partner with the best in the industry. This is why every brand you see in our store or our online website has been vetted through a rigorous quality testing process to ensure our clients only receive the best of the best Pakistani fashion brands.

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