Pairahan Swiss Voile Vol-01 D-ARDOISE

Pairahan Swiss Voile Vol-01 D-ARDOISE


Egyptian (Soft Cotton Liquid Ammonia)

The revival of our most foremost and hit article of the season but this time with more strength and excellence. The Egyptian cotton by Ahmad is famous due to its smoothness, soft feel, and luxurious look.

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We added a liquid ammonia finish to Egyptian cotton that makes the fabric less wrinkle-free, preciously royal, and reliable. Due to the liquid ammonia finish, the softness of the fabric is just amazing. The fabric that is worth wearing and unique addition to your eastern wardrobe. Furtherly we extended the level of the grace of this Egyptian cotton, that you don't feel in the past collection of soft cotton. Available in rich urban colors.

Type: Un-stitched
Stuff/Material: Soft 100 % Egyptian Cotton, Light-weight, soft
Cutting/Length: 4.5 Meters
Width/Arz: 55" 56" Inches
Shling/Shrink: Required
For summer
Comfortable, Light-Weight, Thin cotton Fabric
Reliable Stuff And Color
Guarantee of fabric, color-fade, and 100% return policy.
Available in: Full suit (4.5 Mtr)

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